Our Mission: From Personal Stories to Improved Care

When my younger brother and I were young, we were both diagnosed with scoliosis. Unfortunately, after years of failed bracing, my brother needed spinal fusion surgery, a procedure with long-term negative effects. At that time, I was pursuing a biomedical engineering degree and thought to myself: why not utilize the skills I’ve been learning to effect real world change?

As a team and group of friends and colleagues, we asked ourselves this same question, quickly realizing that the procedures for scoliosis have not changed significantly over the past 50 years. In fact, my mother received nearly the same procedure as my brother when she was young.

Together, we have all been personally affected by scoliosis, whether it’s us, our family, or our childhood friends who grew up with it. We’ve seen the significant stigma and mental trauma that arises from having to wear a brace for the greater part of someone’s adolescence, and the hardship it causes when young children are taken out of commission by extremely invasive surgeries.

Hence, our mission is to drive innovative, patient-centered diagnosis to help physicians mitigate the need for invasive procedures, and more rapidly treat scoliosis by being able to tailor current technologies more effectively due to more accurate and holistic measures.