Minimally invasive spinal surgery is the way of the future.

The spinal technology market is rapidly growing – $2 billion is predicted in growth from 2017 to 2022, with 82% of that growth coming directly from spinal implants.


Introducing ThIRa


What is ThIRA?

The ThIRA System comprises an intervertebral disc replacement designed to apply asymmetrical forces to oppose the loading patterns that cause scoliosis.

Our patent pending polymer disc acts first to preserve motion and absorb shock and second, to apply the forces necessary to straighten the vertebral element. Through applying an expansive force on the wedged aspects of the curve and a tensile force on the expanded aspects, the device corrects vertebral wedging, thereby straightening the spine

Patient-unique tailoring allows multiple polymer sections to be combined to apply varying forces depending on individual corrective need.

our testing has demonstrated over 60% curvature improvement

when placing an implant at the apex of curvature.

Benefits of Our Solution:


Low invasiveness

Implantation requires a small incision and minimal muscle dissection

wheel-chair (1).png

Faster Recovery

One month v. up to 8 months


Low Cost

Saves up to $60K per patient compared to current methods


Avoids Complications

Minimally invasive surgery avoids potential risks of complex surgeries